Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Over the Edge-NFC?

    Over the Edge-NFC is a signature fundraising event that sends participants rappel from atop of the Omni Jacksonville Hotel building in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Not only is it a once in a lifetime experience, but it raises money to benefit The Boy Scouts of America’s North Florida Council.
  • What can I expect when I’m participating in Over the Edge?

    You will be wearing a full-body industrial harness and using an industrial descender to go down. To go down you will be squeezing a handle, and to stop you will need to let go of the handle (or pull back). You can go as fast or slow as you like. You will be anchored to a back-up-line, which is controlled from the top. Should you go too fast, or should the equipment fail, the back-up line will engage.
  • What are the requirements to participate in this event?

    – You must raise a minimum of $1,000.
    – Due to equipment limitations, participants must weigh between 110 and 300 pounds.
    – By registering for this event, you are agreeing to allow the North Florida Council the use of all event-related – photography and video for marketing needs.
  • What if I am unable to raise the minimum of $1,000 prior to the event date?

    $1,000 is the required minimum to participate. If you are unable to raise this amount by the time the event date, all donations made on your behalf will be considered as a donation and will be used to support the Boy Scouts of The North Florida Council.
  • How do I receive my rappel spot?

    Once you have raised $1,000 an Over The Edge-NFC staff member will contact you to reserve a rappel spot.
  • What will the training be like?

    When you arrive on site you will have the opportunity to practice rappelling from a lesser height. This will give you a chance to hang in the harness, find a comfortable position, and practice using the descender. The same safety procedures are used in the training as in the long rappel so you will be familiar with them when you get there.

  • What should I wear?

    You’re going to be walking down the side of a building so wear good shoes. Sneakers, light hikers, climbing shoes, something with a soft, light colored sole. No slippers, sandals, slip-ons shoes, high heels, or steel toed boots. Wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Athletic pants, tights, and jeans are suitable. The harness goes around your legs, waist, and shoulders, so it is best to avoid anything too bulky. You will be given a pair of leather gloves and a helmet when you arrive.

  • Is there any experience required?

    NO. No previous rappelling experience is required for Over the Edge.

  • What can I do to practice?

    The most common complaint from participant from participant after rappelling is that their forearm got sore during the descent. The squeezing motion required isn’t hard, but over a long time it can get tiring. Proper technique and switching arms makes a lot of difference, but using a squeeze ball once in a while doesn’t hurt either.
    If you’d like more practice, go rock climbing. Not only does rock climbing strengthen your forearm, but also it allows you to hang in a harness. Although the harnesses we use are different, you will still get the idea of where you will be squeezed, and what muscles it takes to stay up-right. Get psyched. Tell your friends

  • Can I bring my camera and phone?

    We do not want any objects dropped over the side. If you bring your camera rappelling please make sure it has a lanyard that we can tie to your harness. Sorry no phones on the roof.

  • Can friends and family watch as I go Over the Edge?

    Friends and other supporters are encouraged to come to the event site and watch you rappel down the building.

  • Who should I contact if I have any more questions?

    For Over the Edge-NFC, contact us by using the Contact Us form on this website.

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