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Become an Edger

After submitting the form above – pay the $25 Edger registration fee, submit a photo and your T-shirt size.

Easy steps to participate:

  1. Fill out the registration form on this page.
  2. Set a personal goal. The minimum for each Edger is to raise $1,000. There is special recognition for over-achievers, so feel free to set a higher goal!
  3. Pay the registration fee ($25.00), photo submission etc. (PAY)
  4. We will create your personalized fundraising page – look for an email with the your personal link. (allow 24-48 hours).
  5. Then simply ASK people to send you “Over the Edge” by sharing your personal link. Invite friends, family, co-workers and contacts. Share your link on social media. Blast it out! Check out our page full of ideas!
  6. Like us on Facebook at to stay connected.

Contact Patrick Linfors
BSA NFC Over the Edge Staff Advisor

Never fundraised before? Have no fear! We have lots of tips and tricks. We show you how. Not to mention, if you’re not afraid of rappelling, you shouldn’t be afraid of fundraising for a great cause. Actually, you may be among those afraid of both. Embrace the challenge – we can help!

All Are Welcome
• Because of equipment rules, participants weight must be between 110 and 330 pounds.
• All experience levels are welcome. No previous rappelling or climbing experience needed. Training, from the highly trained team at Over the Edge, will be held on site prior to your experience.

Toss Your Boss
Why not rally some co-workers to encourage your boss to be an edger? Get him/her signed up today, help them fundraise, blow out their goal and then come out in force to cheer him/her on during the descent! Maybe your company should consider serving as a Sponsor?

Challenge a Rival
• Do you run a restaurant or store franchise and want to challenge another one of your franchises? Get one Edger from each store to sign up and let the competition begin!
• What about Police/Fire Department vs. Police/Fire Department?
• Hospital vs. hospital?
• High school vs. high school?
• Sports team vs. sports team?
• Venturing Crew vs. Venturing Crew?
• What is your challenge idea?

Reminder on Edger Requirements
To participate, in addition to raising a minimum of $1,000, here are the ground rules:
• No previous rappelling experience required. Training, from the highly trained team at Over the Edge, will be held on site prior to your experience.
• Due to equipment limitations, participants must weigh between 110-330 pounds.
• You allow the North Florida Council to use all event-related photography and video for marketing needs.

Edger Recognition

All Edgers who successfully raise a minimum of $1,000 will receive:
• The official 2017 Over the Edge tropical rappelling shirt
• The official 2017 Over the Edge participation patch
• Will receive digital photos of your experience – descent and arrival!
• Access to the Leadership Luau upon completion of rappel

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